Wall Mount

Installation in thick components


  • Wall mounting is certainly the most elegant and optimum installation option as to building physics. For retroactive installation in masonry only a suitable opening must be provided, which is clamped by the petWALK door system.
  • Especially in new construction, replacement of windows or thermal renovation petWALK proves its strength and flexibility, because here you have the opportunity to integrate the door system in many ways perfectly, with regard to building physics, into the building.

Cut out aperture

  • For the correct installation of a petWALK pet door the aperture for your chosen model has to be as precise as possible.
    • The dimensions of the aperture are 38 cm ± 1 x 53 cm ± 1 cm for the model „Medium“.
    • For the model „Large“ the aperture must have a size of 48 cm ± 1 x 73 cm ± 1.
  • It must be ensured that at least 30 mm space up to a bound of the component is available around the aperture so that the frame of the petWALK pet door can be mounted easily.
  • For your pets’ comfort use we recommend positioning the opening as low as possible


  • For some installation options a so-called "mounting frame" may be helpful , which is attached to the building shell and until which the exterior and interior plastering works are carried out. The installation of the petWALK door will take place after completion of the plastering works.
  • The space inside the wall between the outer and the inner frame is hermetically sealed by a tunnel.
  • Furthermore, we recommend the installation of an external sill (weather sheet) below the door module for the drain of driving rain and protection of the thermal insulation.
  • On request, the thermal insulation of the building can also be “pulled over” the frame and thus thermal insulation properties are further improved.
  • Alternatively, for an outstanding degree of insulation you can cover the frame of the pet door with an additional frame insulation.

Installation Video



Mounting detail in solid wall
Mounting detail in solid wall with mounting frame
Mounting detail in solid wall with mounting frame and additional insulation
Mounting detail in solid wall with mounting frame and thermal insulation covering outer frame
EMounting detail in solid wall with panel cladding with mounting frame
Mounting detail in solid wall with panel cladding with mounting frame and covered frame
Mounting detail in solid wall with ventilated lining and mounting frame - flush interior and exterior
Mounting detail in wood construction with covering and mounting frame
Installation Examples
  • Exquisite Country House (York, GB)

    petWALK - Very Britsh Entrance petWALk door in York(GB) - Inside view Zita with the portrait of her ancestor
    • Location: Living Room
    • Mounting Type: Wallinstallation
    • Requirements: Airtightness
    • Customer Comment:

      Jimmy, a black and tan Jack Russell, Zita, a tiny toy dog and Alice, a mongrel and their friends are probably one of Britain’s happiest rescue dogs. They already had an electronic sliding door, which they didn't like and which was too small for Linda. As you see they immediately enjoyed their new tailor made petWALK door.

    • The befitting outside with the royal coat and the family crest printed on the door cover matches the aristocratic manor, while on the inside a cheerful picture seamlessly integrates the door into the existing photo gallery.

  • Detached house (Victoria, AU)

    Hannah and Henry enjoying their new petWALK freedom
    • Location: Kitchen/Dining/Lounge & Laundry Room
    • Mounting Type: Wall- and Door-installation
    • Requirements: Flexible and safe usage
    • Customer Comment:

      "The intention was to have two pet doors at the rear of the house, one exiting through the laundry door to provide the pets with access to the garden during the day. The second door exiting from the Kitchen/Dining/Lounge area allows the pets onto the back deck without access to the garden. A barrier is installed to separate the rear deck in two areas, which will not doubt need refinement to ensure the cats cannot jump over it. This allows free use of the deck for both us and the pets without worrying whether they can escape at night, particularly the cats who can jump the fences.

      The house is built on a large 2200m2 block allowing plenty of room for our animals to roam and play and is near a lake and wetlands where our dogs will get plenty of walks.

      Hannah (white) 2 years 10 months and Henry (black and grey) 2 years enjoying their new ‘freedom’. They have lots of fun and we too."

      Wall mount installation of an petWALK door in Australia

  • Passive House (British Columbia, CA)

    • Location: Living Room
    • Mounting Type: Fully Integrated Wall-Installation
    • Requirements: Air Tightness and Insulation
    • Customer Comment:

      " In building our 'dream' home we knew that we needed a dog door - an automatic door would be nice for our dogs and for security. With not many options available to us we settled on a door that we thought we could camouflage subtly with the surrounding architecture.

      petWALK @ Passive House (British Columbia, CA)

      However....this door was just not effective in keeping the winter weather and storms out, as you can see in the picture below. Not good. The dog door is near our kitchen table so sitting by it in winter proved to be unpleasant.

      Conventional pet door - Ice in the inside

      Alas, a search for a dog door that was designed to keep the weather out. We came across the Petwalk door designed to meet Passive Home requirements. Thats more like it... a door that actually has some weatherstripping - not one but 3 levels to seal plus being insulated.

      I also loved the fact that we could 'hide' the door on the outside with our exterior cladding - looks seamless on the outside and good for security. The door is also very quiet in operation.

      We love it! and our dogs love it! No more snow inside. In fact when it is cold outside, and you put your hand on the door it does not feel cold nor can you feel any cold air escaping to inside - not like the other door. "