How to petWALK pet doors work?

How do petWALK pet doors work?

Open sesame!

petWALK vs. Flap
  • Unlike traditional manual cat flaps, where your pets have to press their heads against the flap to open it, petWALK relies on a completely different principle of design.
  • petWALK is equipped with a highly thermally insulated door leaf , which is moved by a powerful motor, in closed position firmly pressed against circular seals and mechanically locked. This way a completely airtight seal and a high degree of security against burglary are ensured.
  • The control of the pet door is fully electronic. petWALK recognizes approaching pets with the help of motion sensors and checks, depending on configuration - even contactless, if desired – by a transponder carried or implanted in the animal, whether it is one's own pet.
  • Then petWALK opens the door like an invisible butler and closes it once the animal has passed through.
  • It is ensured mechanically and with the help of sensors, that in no case the animal, any other creature or object can be clamped. Here you find more information about this topic

Easy Handling

  • Studies of detailed user manuals and complicated commissioning are not necessary for petWALK pet doors.
  • All functions can be easily and conveniently controlled by the remote control. Each button is assigned a function. The large unmistakable symbols on the buttons correspond to the symbols on the display of petWALK pet door. The current operating state of the door is displayed by traffic light colours ("green" means POWER or ALLOWED, "red" means NOT ALLOWED etc.). So a quick glance at the display will give you an overview of the operational status at any time.
  • More information about the operation and setting of the petWALK pet door can be found here
petWALK vs. Flap

Full control

petWALK vs. Flap
  • Due to electromotive control and RFID-based access control, a lot of possible convenience functions are unique for petWALK doors.
  • Thus it can be determined, for example, at what times your animals may enter or exit. A "vet function", which allows the selected animals only to enter but no longer to exit, helps, for example, when “collecting” your pets. Using a twilight switch it can be avoided that the animals get outside during the night, a humidity sensor ensures that when it is raining, the door remains closed so as to prevent dirt inside the house. Of course, the door signals acoustically which animal is entering or exiting.
  • By activating the chip-controlled (RFID) access control for indoor use it can be prevented, that without being noticed infants can get outside through the open pet door.
  • The door also notes when somebody is trying to open it without permission and indicates this with a loud alarm signal.
  • In addition, you can connect the animal door to existing alarm systems, where an opening contact is simulated which is interrupted by the petWALK door only in the event of a breaking attempt. Furthermore, an integration into existing alarm systems is also possible.