The petWALK door module

  • Worldwide unique
  • THE petWALK door module is the heart of your personal pet door solution. It combines the excellent thermal qualities of a high-performance window with the bulgary resistance of a security door and the convenience of automatic door opener which recognizes your animals and only opens for them.
  • Quality „Made in Austria“
  • petWALK pet doors are manufactured in Austria and only proven and high quality parts from producers from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and USA are used.
  • The housing is made of polyurethane integral foam (PUR) and offers excellent insulation values high mechanical strength and long life. All mechanical components are made of galvanized steel and designed just like the drive components for continuous operation. The RC2 tested fittings are from a major Austrian brand manufacturer, the silicone seals from a renowned Swiss producer.


petWALK size comparision
  • Due to the patented design, the excellent thermal insulation and sophisticated safety technology petWALK doors provide comfortable large through-holes.
  • Currently there are two sizes available fitting almost all cats and dogs.
  • Medium:
  • With a passage dimensions of 200mm width and 300mm height this model is already twice as large as conventional cat flaps. It fits both big cats and smaller dogs and allows them easily walk through the door without squeezing.
  • Large:
  • For larger dogs, we developed a model with 300mm width and 500mm height. Thus the doghouse in the garden can finally be history.
  • Here's a guide to find the perfect size for your pet.

Door stop

  • Of course, you can define the opening direction of your petWALK pet door in order to perfectly fit it to your personal living situation.
  • petWALK doors always open inwards. You can choose between a left and a right-hinged door. A right-hinged door always opens inwards to the right side and a left-hinged door accordingly always opens inwards toward the left side.
  • Installing the petWALK pet door into a movable component such as a door leaf, we recom- mend choosing the same hinge side.
petWALK different door stops


  • The petWALK door module includes by default already all features. It is available in two different sizes, with different door stops and ready for all possible installation situations.
  • Accessories that are mandatory for your installation site will be added to your cart automatically when selecting the correct thickness of your installation body. For a wall installation you will need a tunnel set and for glass you might need additional spacer frames.
  • Included in the scope of delivery are a remote control, an AC adapter, an RFID collar tag and spare velcro fasteners for a decorative cover.
  • The door module itself consists of the outer frame and the inner frame, which are pressed against the component, which has a suitably large aperture, by means of threaded rods.
  • At the outer frame holds the engines, the automatically moving door leaf, the locking mechanisms, as well as the control electronics and a backup battery. The inner frame includes the display and the receiving unit for the remote control.
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