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petWALK, the smartest pet door in the universe, is backed by a highly motivated team of specialists and animal lovers.

Hund und Katze mit petWALK Tür und App.

About petWALK GmbH & Co. KG

We are a young, Austrian technology company based in the Lower Austrian industrial district, which was founded in May 2010 as part of a research project by Klaus Kindl.

With our fully automatic petWALK, the world's smartest pet door, you will gain freedom for yourself and your pets which is far unheard-of.

Using an app, you can control the petWALK pet door from anywhere around the world, given that there is an Internet connection.

The company's headquarters

Our offices are located on the 16 acres wide grounds from a former spinning mill built in 1840 and conveniently situated in the outskirts of Neunkirchen. We share the building with several other companies and lots of happy animals.

The petWALK company site.
petWALK office building (old spinning mill).

Klaus Kindl, mit seiner Hundedame Mia.
CEO Klaus Kindl and petWALK's CPO "Mia"".
Stefan Winkler.
COO Stefan Winkler.
Markus Hammer.
CTO Markus Hammer.
Peter Winkler.
CFO Mag.Dr.Peter Winkler

The board

Klaus Kindl (CEO), Managing Partner
Klaus Kindl is the founder of Petwalk Solutions GmbH & Co KG and the inventor of petWALK doors for pets. He designed, constructed and developed the product and successfully led petWALK doors to production stage.

Stefan Winkler (COO), Managing Partner
Stefan Winkler is on board since 2016. Initially responsible for marketing, he now oversees the operative business.

DI Markus Hammer (CTO), Partner
Together with his development team, Markus Hammer tunes the Bits & Bytes in the petWALK (software) universe and is up for testing new technologies to further improve our products.

Mag. Dr. Peter Winkler (CFO)
Peter Winkler is a tax consultant and auditor and responsible for all administrative and financial matters at petWALK.

The petWALK team

We are a team of experienced experts who share the love for animals and the joy in collective efforts.

A friendly working atmosphere, short decision-making processes as well as a customer-centered way of thinking define us.

The petWALK Team.
The petWALK Team.

Barbara Postl - Marketing.
Barbara Postl - Marketing.

petWALK marketing & sales

Stefan Winkler, Barbara Postl, Stephanie Sadjak, Marco Naprawik, Alexandre Leroux and Michaela Strohmayer care passionately about sales, advertising, social media, public relations, web design and our online store.

If you have heard from us before, it is thanks to this dedicated team!

petWALK customer service

Jacqueline Tisch and her team are always up for a comprehensive consultation around the petWALK animal door.

They take care of your questions and gladly help to find the perfect solution for you and your four-legged darlings.

Jacqueline Tisch - petWALK Customer Service
Jacqueline Tisch - petWALK customer service

Claudia Schneider  - petWALK Logistics
Claudia Schneider - petWALK logistics

petWALK logistics

To ensure that you receive your order as quickly as possible, Claudia Schneider has a special eye on the packaging and shipping processes.

Each and every petWALK pet door that leaves our warehouse is checked and packaged thoroughly!

petWALK finance

Mag. Dr. Peter Winkler and Claudia Baumgartner always keep an eye on the figures and are entrusted with billing and bookkeeping.

Claudia Baumgartner - petWALK Finance
Claudia Baumgartner - petWALK Finance

Quality Control at petWALK.
Quality control at petWALK.

petWALK production- und QM-team

Every petWALK door is not only assembled but also carefully tested by the team around Karl Aradi and Roland Toth.

Only doors that withstand their critical look are released for shipping.

petWALK support

If you (as the proud owner of a new petWALK pet door) have questions about the installation, adjustment and operation of your petWALK pet door, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff Ramona Troisner-Grebien and her colleagues personally.

Ramona Troisner-Grebien - petWALK support.
Ramona Troisner-Grebien will be pleased to assist you.

petWALK electronics-team
petWALK electronics-team.

petWALK electronics-team

Ginzinger Electronic Systems designs and manufactures customized electronics for customers in various industry and automation sectors and has acquired vast know-how in the field of custom control and sensor technology over many years.

The petWALK the team has developed the entire electronics of the device in cooperation with Mr. Ginzinger, subsequently Ginzinger Electronics is the entrusted parter for the production of the petWALK door's electronics.

petWALK mechanics-team

Faschang Werkzeugbau GmbH is a company specialized in metal tools manufacturing (assembling) as well as in the development and construction of precision engineering.

The team around Mr. Faschang is responsible for the development and production of all mechanical components such as drive coupling, sealing and mechanical components.

petWALK mechanics-team<.
petWALK mechanics-team

Questions welcome!
We are happy to advise and support you.