About petWalk GmbH & Co. KG

We are a young Austrian technology company headquartered in the industrial region of Lower Austria, founded in May 2010 as part of a research project.

The Company Site

Our offices are located on the 16 acres wide grounds of a former cotton mill built in 1840 and conveniently situated in the outskirts of Neunkirchen. We share the building with several other companies and lots of happy animals.

The petWALK headquarters
Firmengebäude in Ternitz

Die Geschäftsführung

Klaus Kindl is the founder of Petwalk Solutions GmbH & Co KG and the inventor of petWALK doors for pets. As a matter of fact, he has designed, constructed and developed the product and has led the petWALK doors to production stage.
Mag. Dr. Peter Winkler is an experienced tax accountant and auditor. At Petwalk Solutions GmbH and Co KG he is responsible for all administrative and financial matters of the company.

Die petWALK Geschäftsführung
Management Board

Das Core Team

We are a team of experienced experts who share the love for animals and the joy of common challenge.
We, that is from left to right:

  • Klaus Kindl (CEO)
  • Mag. Dr. Peter Winkler (CFO)
  • Mag. (FH) Stefan Winkler (Marketing Manager)
  • Claudia Schneider (Logistics)

Das petWALK Produktions & QM Team

Each door is not only assembled by Karl Aradi and Roland Toth, but also thoroughly tested and put through a final inspection. All products are released for shipping only after having passed the team’s critical examination.

Das petWALK Produktions & QM Team
The petWALK QM Team
Das petWALK Produktions & QM Team

The petWALK support team

Kristina Simorova and her colleagues are there to support you in finding the perfect solution for you and your pets via telephone (+43 2635 66937), email (info@petwalk.at) and online.

Die petWALK Kundenberatung
The petWALK Support Team

Technical Support at petWALK

Our technical department will help you out whenever questions concerning the set-up and operation of your petWALK door arise.

The petWALK Electronics Team at Ginzinger electronic systems

Ginzinger Electronic Systems designs and manufactures customized electronics for customers in various sectors of industry and automation and has acquired know-how especially in the field of custom control and sensor technology over many years.
In cooperation with Petwalk the team around Mr. Ginzinger has developed the entire electronics of the device, subsequently Ginzinger Electronics is responsible for the electronics’ industrial production.

Das petWALK Elektronik Team von Ginzinger
The petWALK Electronics Team at Ginzinger

The petWALK Mechanics Team at Faschang Werkzeugbau

Faschang Werkzeugbau GmbH is a company specialized in metal tools manufacturing (assembling) as well as in the development and construction of precision engineering.
The team around Mr. Faschang is responsible for the development and production of all mechanical components such as drive coupling, sealing and mechanical pinching protection.

Das petWALK Mechanik Team bei Faschang Werkzeugbau GmbH
The petWALK Mechanics Team at Faschang Werkzeugbau GmbH