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Gabi L.

"The absolute best dog door. I would never ever want to miss it again. Our dogs love it just as much as we do. The investment has paid off in every aspect."

Rita H.

"Great, we cannot recommend it enough. We have such a door for our cats since 2015. Very reliable and just the best for a low energy house!"

Petra R.

"I can recommend petWALK. The friendly consultation and the top-service satisfy every need. Again at any time! Thank you."

Tamy B.

"We have a petWALK door and are very satisfied. I can very much recommend it. Both furry monsters are busy users of the door. We installed ours directly into the wall. It was super easy to mount and we were so happy to see our cat and dog use the door for the first time on their own."

Veronika L.

"We have been using the door for three months. It was well worth the investment! There were two reasons for my purchase: the only cat door, that is 100% airtight and that cannot be broken by my cat. Also, the service is absolutely top. I can only recommend it!"

Adam L.

"3 months after installing petWALK I can confidently give 5 stars not only for the door but also for the support!!!! Quality, reliability and support make up the price which is justified. We all, incl. our pets are more than impressed! Outright, an absolute recommendation to purchase, if not a MUST HAVE for any pet owner."


Oliver W.

"Happy petWALK owner for many years. My cats and I cannot imagine a life without this door. Since early this year I also know what my cats are up to while on the road because I have updated the door with petwalk.control. Me personally, I can only recommend petWALK as a company and petWALK as a product - top!"


Andrea F.

"We have had the petWALK door for one year now. Both of our cats are equally thrilled about the door as we are. Snow and ice during the last winter were no problem at all... the door was working fine at all times. Thanks to the very proficient and friendly support of Ramona (with the patience of a saint) we added petwalk control to keep an eye on our two pets when we are not at home."


Gerhard R.

"We have our door for two months now and it works fantastically, while being used by three cats. They were thrilled from the first moment on and will only use their entrance, even though the big door is open. This has helped everyone to get more relaxed - Both thumbs up for this product!!!!"

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