Door System

Modular, flexible, customizable.

petWALK pet doors are not only the world's first professional entry doors that have been designed specifically for pets, but they can also be flexibly adapted to your personal needs and structural conditions.

petWALK Türsystem

Door Module

The petWALK door module is the heart of your personal pet door solution and includes already all features. It is available in two different sizes, with different door stops and for all possible installation situations.

Basically, the construction consists of two frames – the outer frame  1 (also called "outer flange") and the inner frame  2 („inner flange“), which are pressed towards each other and fixed directly onto the component by threaded rods  3 . On the outer flange the engines, the automatic door leaf, locking mechanisms, hardware and electronics are mounted. The inner flange includes a display, electronics and the IR sensor for the remote control.

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Design Elements

Decorative covers  4  (for example acrylic glass or HPL material) can be mounted on the outer parts of both flanges.


If the clamped component is very narrow (< 5cm), a so-called spacer  5  is needed to establish the required distance for clamping. In case a bigger distance needs to be bridged, for instance when installing into a wall a suitable tunnel  6  will connect the outer to the inner frame.

If very high insulation values are desired, an additional insulation frame  7  can be attached or the outer frame can be covered by wall insulation material when installing your pet door into masonry.