• Fully connected: A small box connects every petWALK door to the Internet and opens up groundbreaking new possibilities for you!
  • It allows you to easily control and configure your door from any location on the planet and enables integration with other cloud based services and devices like surveillance cams and extension of door features with additional modules like the external petWALK RFID Access Module. Hence, petWALK is the smartest pet door available!
  • Skilled customers will be able to upgrade their door by installing the box themselves.



  • If you want to install the petWALK door system into a thick structure, like a wall, you can plank the distance between the outer and inner frame airtight with the help of a tunnel set. The tunnel sets can be ordered in steps of 10 cm from 10 cm to 50 cm. The plates and the threaded bolts of the mounting set will be cut during the installation to the exact length.
  • The tunnel plates are made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate), a high-power and moisture-resistant material. They have a white and a gray side and can be used on both sides. So you can for example select a gray base plate and white walls and thus the ground is less sensitive to dirt and the walls make the tunnel bright and friendly.
  • The tunnel set consists of four tunnel plates made of durable laminate, 8 piece threaded bolts extensions, cellular rubber strips for sealing the tunnel elements and an extension for the cable connection between inner and outer frame.

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petWALK Tunnel

Additional Frame Insulation

petWALK frame insulation
  • In case there are especially high demands on the thermal insulation properties of the pet door, you can reduce the already excellent U-value to less than 0.5 W/m2K using the optional frame insulation.
  • The additional frame insulation can be easily attached to the outer frame and fixed laterally by means of four screws. The decor can be mounted directly on the insulating shell.
  • If you have shutters, note that the additional insulation protrudes about 5 cm from the glazing.

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Door Contact

  • The optional door contact is recommended for door installation. This ensures that the petWALK pet door remains closed when the front door is opened. If the front door is opened with pet door open, the petWALK door will close immediately. Thus collisions are prevented.
  • The connection cable – door contact is used to connect the pet door to an external door opening contact. petWALK doors support all standard door contacts (NC, NO).
  • The opening detector consists of a magnetic contact (reed) and a magnet. They are mounted either in parallel, with front side or orthogonal to each other - at a distance of no more than 13 mm. The circuit of this NO opening detector is open at rest. If the distance between the reed and the magnet increases, the circuit is broken and the petWALK door closes automatically and remains closed. Best place to install is the center of your door - or window frame.

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petWALK door contact

Connection Cable - Alarm Relay

petWALK Connection Cable Alarm Relay
  • petWALK pet doors can be easily connected to an alarm system. As to the alarm system, they behave the in the same way as a secured window. As long as the door is opened as intended, the petWALK pet door simulates a closed window, if the door leaf however, is broken up by force, the door signals an open window. So your pets may retain their habits even when the alarm system is on and your house will still be safe.
  • If you also order the connection cable - alarm relay with your door, we preinstall already at the factory all the necessary connections for an alarm at the control electronics so that you or your installation company can simply connect any wired alarm system to the three strands which protrude from the device.
  • If you want to integrate the petWALK animal door into your alarm system at a later date, you can install the cable with a some skill even by yourself.

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In-Wall Power Supply

  • For an invisible connection to the power supply, especially for wall installation, we recommend using the optional flush-mode power supply. The power supply can be installed in a flush-mounted junction box, the meter box or directly onto the tunnel of the pet door.

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petWALK In-Wall Power Supply