Airtight sealing means warmth and lower heating costs

Even well-insulated houses loose up to 60% of the heating energy due to leaks in the building envelope. A simple plastic flap is nothing than a big leak. The cold air entering through the gaps of the flap must be heated again and this increases the heating costs.

In buildings with heat-recovery ventilation, like in modern modern passive houses, this increased heating load may not be compensated, which means that on cold winter days the desired room temperature can not be achieved.

Pressure and temperature differences between indoor environment cause drafts flowing through the gaps of a conventional flap, which might even open through wind pressure. The penetrating cold air caused in addition to the energy loss also an uncomfortable feeling.

petWALK exceeds with its double seals and a unique design even the strict requirements for passive house components and is tested and certified at the highest airtightness class. That way it guarantees that never again uncontrolled airflow through the animal entrance causes cold feet due.

Here you'll find more information and in our download area you can find certificates and test logs.