Is the petWALK pet door really airtight?

Yes, the petWALK pet door is the only product available on market, which is completely airtight.

The airtightness is expressed in terms of the leakage airflow rate through an element at a given reference pressure. At 50 Pascal, it is called the air change rate at 50 Pa and usually noted n50.

The air permeability is tested according to testing standard for windows, doors EN 12207 - 1999-11. The highest class is 4 which requires that the leakage airflow has to stay below 0,75m³ (Q100 = 0,75 m³ / hm).

petWALK has even at a pressure of 600 Pa (the highest possible pressure of the test fence) a non mensurable leakage airflow (Q600 = 0.0 m³ / hm).

Two circulating quality silicone seals from a well-known brand manufacturer were used, which are normally used for high quality passive house windows. These seals are extremely temperature resistant and very durable. If ever necessary to replace them, this is easily done by anyone.

Here you'll find more detailed information e.g. certificates or test protocols.