Why good thermal insulation is important

Due to the increasing energy prices in the recent years and the ecological problems caused by us humans, the importance of good building insulation is generally understood.

Nevertheless animal lovers are forced up today to accept a massive insulation inflict, if the want to allow their four-legged friends free access to the garden.

Conventional flaps made ​​of hard plastic without any insulating can be seen as as a hole in the house and a thermal bridge.

petWALK have an U-value of less than 0.7 W/m2  in the Passive House version, which equals passive house windows. That way each house could save energy of more than 500kw /year!

If all pet doors would offer the same airtight sealing and thermal insulating of a petWALK door, we could save up to 3 million tons of CO2 each year - which is the average CO2 emissions of nearly 3,500 small cars - this savings could reduce the CO2 "paw print" per animal by approximately 11%.