Are petWALK pet doors watertight?

Yes, petWALK pet doors are tested and certified to meet class E1350 according to EN 12208 - 1999–11 test standard for windows, doors, which was the highest possible limit of the test fence at the accredited test institute.

In other words: petWALK stay absolute watertight even at wind speeds of 160 km/h and heavy driving rain.

petWALK pet doors have a large rain manifold with two front drain holes. This ensures that even large amounts of rain at high wind speeds can be reliably inferred outward.

In this case, under normal circumstances the rainwater passes invisibly between the outer frame and the decorative plate to the lower edge of the appliance.

If the pet door installed in a wall reveal, we recommend the installation of a weather sheet. This prevents that the rain water from drainage runs over the wall or into the masonry