Necessary accessories for a petWALK installation in glass, wall or door

We are glad that you are already thinking about installing the petWALK pet door. Many of our customers call us to clarify which accessories they need for their individual installation situation before ordering. Of course, you can continue doing that, we are happy to help.

To give you a good overview of the necessary accessories, we have summarized the products we recommend you to order depending on the installation site.

necessary accessories


fixed glass/panel installation

When installing in fixed glass or a fixed panel, generally no accessories are required for installation. An additional “spacer” is required if the windowpane or panel is less than 2 cm thick. The spacer is an additional frame that is mounted between the pane / panel and the inner petWALK frame.

  • spacer (comes automatically with your order via the configurator)

door/glass door installation

In order to avoid a collision of the petWALK door with a wall or other objects, we advise to install a magnetic door contact. The contact notifies the petWALK door when the human door is opened. petWALK then remains closed or closes immediately.


wall installation

When installing into a wall, the wall opening must be coated with special panels. Therefore, a tunnel set is needed. It includes the panels as well as extensions for the threaded rods and ensures that the wall material (brick, wood, etc) is covered. Same applies to the direct power connection in the wall.

  • tunnel-set (is automatically placed in the shopping cart when ordering via the configurator) available in increments of 10 cm. With a wall thickness of eg. 30,5 cm it is necessary to choose the next size)
  • in-wall power supply (if you want to hide the power connector directly in the wall to avoid loose cables)

petWALK door covers

petWALK without inner cover

ohne Dekor

petWALK with inner cover

Necessary accessories for every petWALK door:
petWALK should not only provide more freedom but be an eye-catcher in your home as well. There is a wide colour range of covers available in two materials: acrylic glass and HPL (high-pressure laminate).

The covers are fastened by means of industrial velcro closures on the door which makes them interchangeable. Just in case your taste of colour or home decor changes over time...

The different materials explained

Acrylic glass: Has a smooth surface by default and is easy to clean. The colour is printed on the back side of the acrylic glass and is therefore very flexible in terms of colour design and even individual imprints. Acrylic glass can also be ordered with a matte surface (if you are interested in this option, please send us a request by e-mail) or as a clear cover to paint with eg. non-printable colours.

HPL: HPL is a high pressure laminate that is coated with plain colour or a pattern similar to a laminate floor. HPL has the advantage of being more durable. However, the colour selection is limited and no special designs are possible. The surface of HPL is matte.

optional accessories for all types of installation

  • petWALK.control Allows to connect the door to the Internet (thus makes the app control, and the connection of language assistants such as Amazon Alexa TM, Cloud Cams etc. possible).

  • additional frame insulation module It has been developed especially for low-energy houses and offers thermal insulation at passive house level.

  • alarm connection cable Connect the petWALK pet door with the in-house alarm system and make your home even safer.

  • extension cable If the next wall socket is more than 1,5 m away from the petWALK door, we recommend to order the extension cable.

  • RFID collar tag The RFID tag can be attached to your pet’s collar. Once registered, the petWALK pet door recognises the chip and opens for your pet only. One tag is included in every order. We recommend to order one tag for each pet. The RFID tags are waterproof and shockproof.