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15 pieces Duotec® velcro fasteners to fix the covers to the petWALK pet door for inside and outside use
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15 pieces Duotec® Velcro fasteners with high temperature adhesive to attach decorative panels on petWALK pet doors.

Duotec® is a mushroom fastening band and designed for industrial applications.

Data closure:
Material: polyamide (band), polypropylene (mushrooms)
Adhesion in the original: about 35N / cm² (average)
Color: Black
Width: 25mm

Data acrylate adhesive:
100% acrylic foam adhesive with red foil cover.
Strong adhesive, elastic film with slowly increasing adhesive bond.

Temperature range:
about -30 ° to + 140 ° C (short-term), depending on substrate and load

The surface must be suitable; it must not be fitted to uneven, weathered, crumbly, too soft, too unstable, interspersed with plasticizers or adhesive repellent coatings.
The adhesive must be able to flow on the surface and form a full-area connection as possible. The adherend surface and the self-adhesive tape must have a temperature of more than 20 ° C. By short-term exposure to heat, for example, 2 minutes hot air with 60-80 ° C or heating cabinet, the adhesive bond can be improved.

A load of the bond is the earliest after approximately 2 hours, even better, to recommend to 4h.
Produced in Germany

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