Remote control LED

Get the ultimate freedom!

With the petWALK remote control you have the ultimate convenience when it comes to controlling your pet's access.
A simple push of a button is enough to automatically open or close the door! This makes it easy for busy pet owners - no more running back and forth to let dogs or cats in whenever they please! Please do note however, that you won't be able to open or close the pet door via the display on top of the door.

We also recommend our optional WiFi module petWALK.control. It will give you the option to control your pet door via app without a remote control - so you have full control from everywhere!

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*) Note: Due to a model change, the remote control with battery LED no longer fits in the remote control slot of previous petWALK pet doors that were delivered until 2/2023. However you will still be able to control every petWALK door with the new remote control.

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