inside cover - medium - acrylic glass – crystal clear (0000)

petWALK clip-on cover:

  • 3 mm thick acrylic glass

  • Crystal clear for individual coating

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

  • Optimum fit and smooth edges by laser cutting

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    Say goodbye to the idea of a pet door being a stain on your house’s exterior.
    Stylish design and high-quality materials mean that you won’t want to hide a petWALK door in the basement.

    petWALK doors are made for eternity and yet they can always look different. Thanks to the unique clip-on frames the door adjusts to its environment. Be it a new coat of paint, a new floor or a new facility: petWALK will always fit!

    There are many different materials, colours and designs available. You decide whether you want a model made of acrylic glass or laminate, in a specific colour or your own personalized design.

    The chosen clip-on cover is made of decorative 3 mm thick acrylic glass, which can be coated with any acrylic paint or colour film, thus ensuring that your personal petWALK door fits perfectly and seamlessly with the existing colour scheme of your home.

    State of the art laser cutting method ensures optimum fit and smooth edges. The decors are protected on both sides by a protective film that must be removed on the back before mounting.

    The supplied high performance velcro fasteners allow easy mounting on a petWALK pet door and trouble-free replacement at any later date.

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