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inside cover - large - HPL – uni

  • 3 mm thick strong duromer high pressure laminate (HPL)

  • weatherproof

  • colorfast

  • durable material

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Say goodbye to the idea of a pet door being a stain on your house’s exterior.
Stylish design and high-quality materials mean that you won’t want to hide a petWALK door in the basement.

petWALK doors are made for eternity and yet they can always look different. Thanks to the unique clip-on frames the door adjusts to its environment. Be it a new coat of paint, a new floor or a new facility: petWALK will always fit!

There are many different materials, colors and designs available. You decide whether you want a model made of acrylic glass or laminate (HPL).

HPL covers are made of decorative 3 mm thick thermosetting high pressure laminate (HPL) according to EN 438-6, type EDF and provide an extremely effective weather protection through the use of double-hardened acrylic polyurethane resins. This makes HPL decors suitable for both indoor and, above all, outdoor use.

The exchangeable cover frames come with a double-sided decor, so you can use both sides. The core is flame retardant, the surface light-fast and very hard-wearing.

They are produced by an Austrian brand manufacturer in lamination presses under great pressure and high temperature and designed to outlast entire lifetime of a building.

The supplied high performance velcro fasteners allow easy mounting on a petWALK pet door and trouble-free replacement at any later date.

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