A little box connects every petWALK door to the Internet and opens up groundbreaking new possibilities for you!

It allows you to easily control and configure your door from any location on the planet and enables integration with other cloud based services. Hence, petWALK is the smartest pet door available!

Your WiFi must meet the following requirements:

- 2.4 GHz WiFi
- no hidden SSID (WLAN name)
- no Mac address filter or similar access barriers for new devices active in the WiFi network
- Port 8883 allowed into the Internet
- WPA 2 encryption
- No special characters

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petWALK.control – fully connected!

This is how it works:
Once connected, petWALK.control allows the easy control of the door via the petWALK app, any web browser or Smart Home devices such as Amazon's Alexa&trade. The app was designed to run on android as well as iOS and can be downloaded in the respective app stores.

The petWALK.control box measures: l: 11 cm x w: 5,5 cm x h: 2,2 cm, fitted to be installed inside the petWALK door and connected to the logic board. Skilled customers will be able to upgrade their door by installing the box themselves. A detailed installation manual is supplied with the product.

Your benefits:
Opening, closing and all the settings are just a tap away. Configurable alerts keep informed about all important events and a timeline informs about what was going on during the day.

If the thickness of your installation site (wall, glass, door) is:
- over 7 cm, you will not need any accessories to install the petWALK.control box
- between 4-7 cm, you need to order 1 spacer
- between 1-4 cm, you need to order 2 spacers
- under 1 cm, you need to order 3 spacers

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