door module - left - medium

petWALK - door module - medium size for cats and smaller dogs with left-hinged door

  • 100% air, wind and waterproof

  • Excellent thermal insulation

  • Opens and closes automatically only for own animals

  • Burglar-proof as an high-quality security door

  • Easy installation into glass, wall or door

  • Fully personalizable with unique clip-on cover
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    petWALK Pet doors are the worlds first entrance doors especially designed for dogs or cats.
    Compared to traditional dog flaps or cat flaps they are safe, thermally insulated and perfect for low-energy houses.

    It just works!
    Enjoy a quality of life thus far unheard of. Treat yourself to an invisible butler, who will automatically open the door for your pet. Easily control your pack and decide for yourself what time of day or briteness your pets are allowed out or in.

    100% airtight, waterproof and perfectly insulated!
    The revolution of pet doors – Freedom for your furry friends without loss of comfort and worrying about high energy costs. petWALK are the only pet doors in the world that comply to the strict guidelines for passive houses.

    Conventional dog and cat flaps offer no protection against burglars and jeopardise your insurance coverage. Equipped with anti-burglar features, an alarm system and the option of programming the door to open only for your pets, petWALK protects your home.

    The most beautiful pet doors in the world.
    Say goodbye to the idea of a pet door being a stain on your house’s exterior. With the one-time clip-on covers you decide what your pet door looks like.

    - Delivery includes everything needed for the installation into parts of up to 10 cm thickness, a remote control, RFID-collar tags, seals and velcro fasteners.
    - For thick walls an optional tunnel system can be ordered. Decorative clip-on cover need to be ordered separately.
    - The selected model offers a passage of 20 cm width and 30 cm height and fits both big cats and smaller dogs
    - petWALK doors always open inwards. The selected left-hinged door opens inwards towards the left side.

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