petWALK doors (not only for) pets

Receiving parcels has never been easier!

petWALK, the world’s first premium pet door, can soon be used as a parcel delivery station.

The petWALK pet door not only eases the life of pets and pet owners, but will now turn into an extra helper for any busy house owner. Away on a business trip but waiting for an important delivery? Relax and let petWALK do the job.

It is as simple as this: The delivery man scans the barcode of the parcel, followed by the barcode at your petWALK door. Depending on your settings, the door will open automatically after verifying the barcodes or, alternatively, you will receive a push-notification to your smartphone and can decide yourself, whether the door shall open or not. Once the door is open, the parcel can be placed inside safely and the door closes automatically.

First field trials have been carried out in cooperation with DPD, a leading provider of standard and express parcel services, over the past few weeks. Now, petWALK is looking for partners who want to participate in integrating the innovative service throughout the promising markets.

Interested companies can get in touch with us via email to: